The Story

A modern film noir about the peculiar pastime of a key cutter.


Nachtoord (Nighthaven) is set in a desolate working class town. During the day, the introverted Saïd works as a key cutter to keep his head above water. At night however, he enriches his life in an unusual way.


Saïd – Majd Mardo

Majd was born in Aleppo (Syria), where he saw his first play at the theatre. His dream to become an actor was born. When Majd was nine, he and his family sought asylum in the Netherlands, causing him to temporarily put his ambitions aside. At fifteen, he began to follow his dreams once more and in 2013 he graduated from the Maastricht Drama Academy. Since then, Majd has been working non-stop. He has played with numerous theatre groups and in a several film and television productions. One of these was the third year film, Brothers, from director, Hetty de Kruijf. This collaboration worked out so well that they decided to work together again in Hetty’s graduation film, Nachtoord (Nighthaven).



Film stills

Behind the scenes


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